As the sun sets…

Thanks for joining me! The christening blog post for my site feels like it should be inspirational, unique and defining. I spent a long time staring at my flashing cursor before finding the right words – which is to say, there are none. This site is in its infancy, a seed just planted and watered, ready to grow with the right nurture. I hope to create a space where you can feel inspired and motivated, where we can learn from each other and thrive. Sharing my life and my experiences is as much a benefit for myself, as I hope it will become for you.

As I look out my window at the changing colours of the sunset, the patterns the wind is making in the clouds, I know one thing with certainty, I do not pretend to have all the answers, or presume to think that my way is the right, or only way. However, I seek to grow, learn, develop, to evolve. I hope you come along with me.

We cannot become what we want, by remaining what we are. — Max Depree


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