Winter Skincare

We’re officially a few weeks into winter now. I have some seriously mixed feelings about this… I am very much a mermaid and my friends and family joke that I photosynthesize, however…winter means #SkiSeason is upon us, and I’ve set myself the goal of learning to ski this season (I usually board)… I see a lot of bruises in my future!

Winter also means something else – it’s time to amp up my skin care routine. Winter dries my skin out like nothing else, so I tend to spend a little longer and take a little more care with my routine over the colder months. So, lets get into it.

For the bod’:

Scrub scrub scrub!

Twice a week I give myself a good scrub from head to toe with some sort of exfoliator. I tend to gravitate towards coffee scrubs, I find the sugar/salt ones dissolve too quickly and I want something with a little more grit in the winter. But you do you babes.

Dry. Brush.

Oh wow this has changed my world. Admittedly it took my a while to form that habit, I had to leave my dry brush on my floor in front of my shower to force myself to do it, but now I dry brush before almost every shower I take. A few minutes, use circular motions and work towards your heart. There’s a heap of tutorials on how to do it, and you can find a dry brush in most local chemists etc. fairly inexpensively.

Moisturize…again and again.

I do a full body moisturize after each shower (warm water = drying!… Admit it, your showers run hotter in winter.) AND at night before bed (I’m an AM shower-er). I use a different one at night before bed – it’s thicker and creamier and this is excellent but it takes ages to soak in so isn’t ideal in the morning when I’m trying to get dressed and start my day.

In the morning I use a lighter body oil that soaks in quickly and smells delicious to double as my fragrance for the day. (Anything for a shortcut in the morning, am I right?)

Lets talk about the face…


I lightly scrub my face when I exfoliate my body, however I use a salt based scrub that’s far more gentle, and I use a very light hand.


I switch my face moisturizer out in the winter months for something a little more full on, and I apply the same principle to my face as I do my body – I use a heavier one at night, and a lighter one in the morning that allows for quick adsorption and doesn’t interfere with make up going over it. Again – I use an oil in the morning and then a heavier cream at night.


“…wait what? It’s winter, why are you using sunscreen?” I hear you ask. I use sunscreen all year round. Just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t getting through the clouds. SPF is one of the BEST things you can do for anti-aging (as a preventative measure), and then there’s the obvious one…skin cancer. Sunscreen friends, always. I apply mine to my face, neck and chest, and then even run some down my arms if I think they’ll be uncovered at all.


I use a lip scrub a few times a week before I brush my teeth, and carry a heavy duty lip balm with SPF in it basically everywhere I go.

One last reminder… HYDRATE! You can put endless things topically onto your skin, but if you aren’t drinking water, you’re wasting your time and money on all those products. Grab yourself a cute reusable drink bottle (#SaveTheEnvironment) and get chugging.