What is Wellbeing?


“Wellbeing” – The 2018 buzzword. Scrolling social media, watching TV, listening to the radio…it seems you can’t go a full day without hearing some mention of ‘wellbeing’, but what even is it? No one seems to really explain it, they just rabbit on about how important it is.

I think part of the problem is that it has a fluid definition and is influenced by our own personal perspectives and beliefs. What wellbeing means for me, is different to what it might mean for you.

Wellbeing has several domains underpinning it:

  • Self-awareness: this involves being aware of different aspects of your personality including beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, behaviours and feelings. As our self-awareness increases we can learn to change our thoughts and how we interpret things.
  • Healthy holistic habits: Establishing habits that balance our physical, mental and emotional needs.
  • Emotional awareness: Becoming aware of our emotions, and the emotions of others around us. This helps us to work out why we are feeling certain ways and therefore ultimately work through out feelings.
  • Mindsets: Mindsets are beliefs about our qualities (personality, talent and intelligence). These are all qualities that can be developed through active and deliberate effort.
  • Positive direction: Lauriston teaches an understanding and management of self to achieve individual goals. Motivation / self regulation.
  • Positive relationships: When we possess healthy relationships with those around us we are happier and fulfilled and have a greater sense of feeling supported and connected.
  • Looking outward: Understanding that whilst we may be at the centre of our own realities, so is everyone else. Considering others, contributing to our communities and accepting and embracing other people regardless of their nationality, religions, beliefs or cultures is all part of wellbeing.

Wellbeing involves mental clarity, where you can be in a motivated and proactive state of existence. It means being connected in your mind with your body – accepting yourself, which in turn causes a reduction in our negative judgement of others around us. This is a really beautiful thing – to be able to be openminded without judging others for their beliefs, religions, cultures or values.

It also involves your body in a physical sense – exercise, use your body to its fullest potential and listen to it’s needs about your health and fitness.

I recently had what I like to call a “shower revelation” … how do you know when your prime years are? Why not make every year your prime year? Don’t focus on what has been, or whats coming next, get as much as you possibly can from the here and now.

Wellbeing, in its truest essence is the act of being selfish, in order to be selfless. Often our excuses and percieved barriers to looking after our selves are the exact reasons that we need to do so.

So how do we be ‘well’? Here are my hacks:

Make 10 minutes of your day about pleasing yourself

  • Sit
  • Have a coffee
  • Meditate (read my Meditation Hacks here)
  • Walk outside
  • Read solely for leisure

Give to others

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Do something nice for a friend (unprompted or needed)

Be physically active

  • Move your body in a way you enjoy (yes – kitchen dancing counts!)

Embrace the Gratitude 3

  • Every evening, over your wine, or in an ad break, take some time to jot down 3 things that you’re grateful for that day. There are a ton of apps that can help you do this – my fav is “Grateful”